Deep Liquidity

Our deep liquidity pool supports a large volume of transactions at all times, at the best possible price. With Broctagon Exchange, you will always be protected against volatility fluctuations in the markets.


Robust Connectivity

Pivoting on cutting edge technology, our robust engine provides you with unwavering connection stability and is powerful enough to handle a vast multitude of orders simultaneously and instantly.


Comprehensive Risk Management

Through a hybrid of real-time instrument price and open trade monitoring, our risk management solution minimizes your exposure to potential fraud and mitigates your risks. Our approach is highly secure and combines precise calculation models with fully-automated features.

Our Products

Foreign Exchange CFDs

Trade on spot forex and forex derivatives and take on the largest and most liquid of financial markets in the world.

Precious Metals

We provide liquidity for safe haven investments such as gold and silver in the form of spot metals trading and metal derivatives trading.

Index Derivatives

We offer a generous range of multi-asset index derivatives for traders who wish to diversify their trading portfolios.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Our trading engine is built upon a scalable framework which is able to facilitate a large number of simultaneous transactions with minimal latency, and this means you will never have to comprise on the speed and efficiency of your executed orders. We use only the latest technology to ensure utmost precision and stability. Our consistently high monthly volume of trades, in addition to our state-of-the-art technology, is all the proof you need to know that our engine is one you can trust and depend on.

Average trade latency

Orders Transacted Daily


Monthly Traded Volume

Contact Us

We pride ourselves in providing only the best customer support. Our staff are ever ready to answer any questions or queries you might have regarding our products and/or services. Fill in a few contact details in the form provided, and one of our customer support representatives will respond to you as soon as possible.

Important Disclaimer

It is mandatory for clients to check with their local authorities for the legality of operating a FX brokerage in their respective regions.

Broctagon shall under no circumstances be held liable for any and all claims, liability, legal breach, damage, loss, or cost by reason of the Client’s and/or an Affiliate’s trading activity, operation, advertising, marketing and promotional efforts and awarded by a court of law or other authoritative decision.