About Us

Broctagon Exchange is a holder of a Principal’s License from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and is licensed to offer financial services to brokerage firms. Operating under a strict regulatory framework, it is a high volume liquidity provider for products such as spot forex, precious metals, forex derivatives, metal derivatives and index derivatives.


In addition to providing high liquidity for a broad range of financial instruments, Broctagon Exchange also offers the world’s first Straight Through Processing (STP) model for FX derivatives, in doing so creating new opportunities for institutional FX trading and providing both access to the financial markets and streamlined trading processes.


Among Broctagon Exchange’s associates are award-winning brokerages and major players with prestigious business rankings within the finance industry. Broctagon Exchange serves an ever-growing community of brokers and traders on a global scale, and high quality products and professional service will always be a top priority.