FX Aggregator

Broctagon FX Aggregator

The Broctagon FX Aggregator is a proprietary technology of Broctagon Exchange that combines multiple liquidity streams from tier-one banks and financial institutions. With this technology, we empower Brokers with the sheer power of aggregated interbank liquidity, allowing them to benefit from features designed to boost trade execution performance and stability. The following are some of the advantages afforded by the Broctagon FX Aggregator system:


Deep Liquidity

Through the state-of-the-art aggregator system, Broctagon Exchange achieves deep liquidity for brokers by consolidating multiple pools of liquidity, enabling the most competitive pricing with the tightest possible spreads.


Execution Stability

Another inbuilt mechanism of the aggregator is the ability to automatically switch between liquidity sources to achieve the best trading condition. This means that brokers will benefit from consistent and dependable trade execution with uninterrupted price feeds as well as constant access to the best bid and ask prices available.


Supports High Volume

Each liquidity source has a certain amount of orders that can be filled for a certain price. The aggregator enables a streamlined order entering process by automatically replacing expended liquidity sources with the next best price offered by another liquidity stream, thereby enabling brokers to accept high volumes and frequency of trades.


Fast Execution

The aggregator is supported by a network of high performance trading servers that covers all major FX markets with any possible latency capped at a mere 0.4 milliseconds.

Optimized for Exchange Quality FX Performance

The Broctagon FX Aggregator creates the ideal conditions for brokers by automatically balancing and matching the volume demands from traders with the supply from interbank liquidity and ensuring that all orders will be executed at the best possible price points.

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