Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Broctagon Exchange is licensed under the laws of Vanuatu and engages the services of their Financial Commission, which offers customers a neutral third party Dispute Resolution Organization. The Dispute Resolution Organization is dedicated to foreign exchange trading and operates with transparency and efficiency being a top priority. Since its conception, Broctagon Exchange has evolved into one of the most recognized liquidity providers for brokerages and retail traders alike.


In working with the Financial Commission, Broctagon Exchange demonstrates a commitment to upholding only the most stringent standards of business practices, ensuring that all dealings will always be handled with the proper conduct. Broctagon Exchange is a bearer of a Principal’s License issued under the hand of the Minister of Finance and Economic Management of the Republic of Vanuatu.


The financial activity of Broctagon Exchange is monitored under the guidelines established by the Financial Commission. This ensures that our operational practices adhere to the provisions of the Dealers of Securities (Licensing) Act under the Laws of Vanuatu, a statutory order which governs against fraudulent activity and the furnishing of any corporate information. In accordance to these regulations, Broctagon Exchange is authorized to conduct business in securities such as foreign exchange and derivatives trading.